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My whole life has been surrounded by athletes and sports. Growing up, I played tennis, golf, volleyball, softball, field hockey, and even handball (Argentinean sport). SPORTS have been the reason why today I’m a happy mom and philanthropreneur.

After traveling around the world for 5 months with our family of 6 (1, 2, 3 and 4 year old at the time) I learned so much and I also realized that my PURPOSE in life was to GIVE to those little ones in need. After seeing the best (fancy hotels) to seeing the worst (floating villages, kids running barefoot to their homes made out of cardboard, etc), I can say that all I want is to bring BIG SMILE on their faces and LIFT them up.


I could write a book someday about coming to America to play golf in a full ride speaking 0 English, working 3 jobs to sustain myself so my parents wouldn’t have to sell their car or ask friends for money because things were getting harder at home, seating in the wrong class for a whole semester, telling countless no sense phrases, and the list goes on and on… l have SO many good and bad stories and met so many great people that LIFT me up me when I was down and encouraged me to always be myself and work hard for your dreams. If there is one person that inspired me to do this is my mom. She’s the most selfless, generous, courageous and kind (she helps today keeping 20+ abandoned and/or abused sweet girls safe and in need on a happy home in Dolores (my hometown) in Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Being a mom of 4 funny, crazy, bilingual, chaotic, and smart kids (can’t help the mom love here) is the best thing that ever happened in my life, and also bringing to life my PURPOSE of helping these fragile, vulnerable and helpless children means everything.

Because sports is our passion
Because giving back is our purpose
Because together we can be difference makers

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    Florencia Quarles


    – Latin (born and raised in Argentina)

    – Experience managing professional careers of world top ranked pro golfers (Jhonattan Vegas, Lexi Thompson, Angel Cabrera , Julian Etulain, Stuart Appleby, etc)

    – Lifelong competitive athlete | 2 time national champion (golf)+ 2 times state champion (tennis)

    – NCAA DIV I athlete (golf) | full scholarship

    – Bachelors in Finance and MBA (finished 1 year ahead of schedule) | Jacksonville State University

    – Growing up as a foster family we took care of 9+ kids and currently my mom runs a non profit home (hogar) of 21 abandoned and/or abused girls in Argentina to provide them with a better and safer life

    – Mom of 4 bilingual kids


    Florencia Moran

    NCAA D1 College Golfer | Former Sports Agent 12+ | Founder LIFT Sports Foundation

    Hernan Rey

    NCAA D1 College Golfer | Hernan Rey Golf Academy | ESPN Golf Analyst

    Carrie Brady

    NCAA D1 College Soccer | Duathlon National Champion | Google

    Matias Anselmo

    NCAA D1 College Golfer | AAG High Performance Director

    Diego Bustos

    Senior News Anchor | CNN en Español and Host of ``Deportes CNN``

    J. Marshall McComb II

    CPA | Senior Lecturer of Accounting | Kennesaw State University

    Ramiro Canovas

    NCAA D1 College Soccer | CEO ConsultR


    Miguel Montero

    Professional Baseball Catcher | CUBS 2× All-Star (2011, 2014) World Series Champion (2016) | Arizona Diamondbacks (2006–2014) Chicago Cubs (2015–2017) Toronto Blue Jays (2017) Washington Nationals (2018)

    Matt & Loren Shields

    One World Health Charity Event Organizers | Performance Trust Capital Partners

    Candace Evans

    Former PGA TOUR Communications | Athlete Social Media Expert | Founder Sunshine Social Co

    Rusty Gordon

    Co-Founder & Chairman SpeedTracs |Technology Entrepreneur, Leader & Servant

    Matt Quarles

    Former Google | CRO RStudio

    Jessica McCoun

    Medical Doctor | Healthcare Advisor

    Tim & Kristy Stutz

    One World Health Charity Event Organizers | Insight Global LLC President

    Damon Goddard

    PES, CGFI-3, MCHC | Founder- Goddard Sports Performance & Nutrition



    – Many athletes want to do more to give back but don’t know how.

    – Professional athletes have limited time to run his/her foundation, events, fundraisers, etc.

    – Most athlete advisors/managers are focus on for profit activities; philantrophic coaching is a need in the market.



    LIFT Sports Foundation is a non-profit company created to help professional athletes with their philanthropic endeavors by energizing their personal missions.

    We do this by educating and guiding professional athletes with their charitable missions and connecting them with underserved community organizations.