Dolores, Argentina

Strong people don't put others down... They lift them up.


The Hogar "San José" is a non-governmental organization (NGOs) located in the city of Dolores, which receives girls and adolescents from the entire province of Buenos Aires.The institution has a capacity of attention for 15 girls and adolescents, whose ages range between o and 18 years. Those who arrive at home are people who have been the object of violence, abuse and abandonment. It is worth mentioning that the NGO provides comprehensive care through technical coordination by a Social Worker and a team of social operators. Likewise, it has external attention in terms of psychological, psychiatric, medical and pedagogical treatments. It also facilitates an interdisciplinary accompaniment, establishing parenting guidelines, development of healthy habits, care, affection and protection for personal and social development. The objective of the institution is to guarantee the transitoriness of institutionalization, implementing intervention strategies to ensure that the permanence of girls and adolescents, for the shortest possible time. The work methodology of the Hogar team is through the realization of a tactical planning, carrying out daily actions that tend to reach the satisfaction of the vital needs of the girls and adolescents. These needs are not only linked to the basic aspects such as food, health, education and clothing, but also contemplate the socio - recreational areas, family relationships, issues related to identity, achievement of training and personal autonomy. , among other. The satisfaction of these needs has as its ultimate goal to ensure the overcoming of violated rights and the prevention of possible violations.

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